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It has been mentioned earlier that Allama Fultali Saheb Qiblah received his Ilm-e-Qirat certificate from his Murshid Hazrat Mawlana Shaha Yaqub Badarpuri (Rh). Hazrat Badarpuri would urge his disciples and followers to take themselves to the utmost perfection of reciting Holy Quran, as ones Salah will not be accepted unless ones Qirat is perfect, and failure to recite Quran perfectly is regarded as a failure to gain perfection in the most blessed Ibadat. So it is imperative for us all to learn the correct recitation of at least a few Surahs . Badarpuri Saheb was extremely pleased with Fultali Saheb’s Qirat since he taught him on his own.

Nevertheless, Badarpuri Saheb perceived that Fultali Saheb would have to contribute in this outlet in a much broader way so as to benefit the common masses of people. Consequently, he advised him to upgrade his eligibility in Ilm-e-Qirat. Fultali Saheb Qiblah was involved with teaching at Badrapur Alia Madrashah during that time. He then went to the famous Qari of the subcontinent, Qari Mawlana Abdur Rouf Karampuri Shahbazpuri to enhance his knowledge in reciting Quran. Shahbazpuri was a student of Hazrat Irkasus Al Misri. He stayed at Makkah in later times and was taught by the famous Qari, the examiner of Haram Sharif, descendent of Egyptian caste, Raisul Qurra Ahmad Hijaji (Rh.). His enterprise took him to the utmost perfection in Ilm-e-Qirat. Consequently, he established Darul Qirat Majidia Fultali Trust in order to teach people Ilm-e-Qirat.